The largest, most energizing motivational event in the region was held in Kielce. There were also TV stars who offered inspirational and charismatic talks


The definition of courage was the main theme of the motivational meeting held under the banner of the  "Live Your Life the Brave Way".  The actor, singer, dancer - Wojciech Medyński joined the event to speak about the ability to reject bad emotions and replace them with a smile. According to the artist, this is the key to a happy but also a brave life. Such trait is quite a complicated and tedious process to follow, it all starts with self-fight:  -  There is frustration, rage, emotions-packed atmosphere in various situations. We all have such emotions - thoughts attract similar ones.  If something unexpected happens in our lives, for example a car splashes poodle water on us, then the thought trains sets in motion. One thought leads to another thought and then we delve in this emotions pool. This continues for a whole day, even after returning home. Bad thoughts often deprive us of energy - noted Medyński.

A film and theatre actress - Katarzyna Walter  talked about overcoming weaknesses and pursuing goals.  Each of us faces better and worse moments in our lives - what is most important is not to give up and go through life with our heads up:  - Skilful, calm prediction of the consequences of actions. You have to be brave and you must be able to fight - said Katarzyna Walter.

The artist admitted that there have been many moments in her life when she had to risk everything, the stakes were high.  Courage is a feature inherent in one’s character: - There are two types of courage.  One related to the determination that I have cultivated in my life - it is painful, harmful, may lead to dramatic results.  The other kind of courage is the thoughtful one.  The most important thing is to like, accept, respect yourself, to be able to stand up for yourself. If you like yourself and you tell yourself - I can manage, I can handle, this gives you strength. You are no longer afraid of making bold decisions - the acctress said.

Adam Iwanowski, the co-owner of the Victoria Travel & Events agency argued that passions are worth developing because they set the tone and dynamics of our lives.  Thanks to our own interests and dreams realization we become happier. We can achieve much more.  A family is also invaluable life asset because when you share life with someone you can see something you have never experienced before. Courage also means to offer yourself the other person and take care of the person’s safety: - A strong personality means that someone takes responsibility. This triggers al lots of things.  If you take up responsibility you are taking a step back and start planning. You need to anticipate certain things may happen  - said Adam Iwanowski.

We make decisions every single day. Such decision affect our life quality to a greater or lesser extent. We must choose consciously and prudently.  Each situation must be thoroughly thought out so that we can deal with all difficulties:  - Some of you may be brave enough to go through life the tough way, head forward the goal. I have take small, because sometimes I just don't have enough courage to take a big step.  Sometimes I feel that I can't go any further, I find it too big a step. That's why I break my way to reach the goal into smaller steps - said Victoria Iwanowska, co-owner of Victoria Travel agency & Events.

The meeting was packed also with musical emotions and impressions offered by  Basia Sipa with her band.