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The Regional Tourist Organization Conference
The Regional Tourist Organization Conference

How to develop a  strong brand and how to position it, how to  win the trust of customers  and  stand out on the tourist market -
 the specialists discuss these and related issues at the international conference  - "Territorial Brand - how to create, strengthen and promote it for the benefit of the tourism economy?"

According to professor  Tomasz Komornicki, the Chairman of the Country Development Committee for the Polish Academy of Sciences:  - Tourist offer must be diverse
  One brand cannot be promoted on its own and bbecomeone type of tourism for a given region.   Therefore tourism associated with city visits, thus a more traditional one must be complemented with specialized tourism, i.e. tourist places created for the purpose from starch.   Bałtów is such an example.   Based on natural and environmental resources  related to , spa facilities is the pillar for this business sector.

Also infrastructure improvement is a great stimulus for tourism development. Expert observations show that a better transport accessibility results in a greater number of people who opt for weekend tourism in Poland. We can observe an increasing number of domestic tourists from further distances who call in the Świętokrzyskie Province.

The Świętokrzyskie region is increasingly popular as a health resort, this is mainly related to Busko-Zdrój - a combination of treatments and relaxation.

The Świętokrzyskie Land also offers many other forms of recreation, including winter tourism, cycling, cultural heritage associated with the region: - These elements attract tourists. A tourist now looks for emotional attachment, they want to experience, get involved in active sightseeing. The Świętokrzyskie region’s history and discoveries offers such an opportunity - said Jacek Janowski, Director of the Department of Promotion of National Tourism in the Polish Tourist Organization.

The representatives of the Austrian Styria tourist organization are also attending the event - Austrian Styria  is the partner region of this year's AGROTRAVEL & Active LifeExperiences  exchange on tourism is invaluable for building strong territorial brands: - Diversity is our common feature. Many of our entrepreneurs have invested in Poland,  have established business contacts with Polish companies. Business is a good starting point to expand our contacts and include tourist cooperation. Those who comes for business wants to rest,  eat well, enjoy evening pastime activities.  We boast quite good experience - Polish delegations have seen this in Styria - said Thomas Brandner from the Styrian Regional Organization. 

Developing and shaping a positive image of tourist brands - this is what unites the conference participants. The two days event includes  many interesting lectures - the second is dedicated to discussion panels.


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